Friday, July 2, 2010

ouhh my darling,u are my guardian angle fer me,
u are kind person,u are the best in the world
everytime,everyday i was thinking of u
u name was fully in my brain,
love2,so wonderful of each life person
in school,i was happy with u,stdy together
i jealous when u sitting another gurl
ouchh i cannot control myself
i dont know how to do .but now,i was thinking,
dont u love me ?care fer me ?
i crying,cry cry n cry
i too weak,very very weak
ouh biee ?how could u do this fer me?
i not a doll biee,pls understanding my condition
sygg,i need u biee,i need u!
i dont have spirit fer stdy because u !
pls keep my handphone plss ?
i dont want take that handphone back.
biee?i promise,i was always be u side,
hard moment,easy moment.
no one can replace in my heart except u ?
u u n u ! 5months 1 week n 3 days ,
we together.i dont want to break
pls )):
for u kanda <33

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