Tuesday, October 5, 2010

YOU ?take care you self ;(i want to look you and her happy someday
please take care her.dont hurt her .i know ,my heart was broken when you
have relationship with another girl ,i know since long time ago .but i?
still patient you attitude.

AWAK?jgn sktkan aty dy,kecewakan dia sepertimana awak sktkan aty saya,
kecewakan saya.kesian dia la awak.jgn p'menkan prasaan dia ;(
pls ?saya mrayu kt awak . dgn berat aty saya tglkan awak ;(

Even,we have been a relationship 8month 1 week 6 days?
and you with her 2month ?but i think ?hmmm.
i dont know want to say . to hurt ;(

mybe dy lbyh bhak amek awak dr saya ;(saya tahu
sayang awak kt saya suda b'pindah kt dy .
saya ta tahu na ckp cm ne lg da.saya buad cm ny
sbb saya sayang sgt2 kt awak,cnte mati kt awak;(
ta pna pts ,ta brubah n ta pudar sayang saya kt awak
still sama jea mcm dlu . tp awak ?

yesterday until now,i never stoped to say
my heart was died,and never to come a life.
my spirit was lost;(thousand mile a boy
waiting for me,want happy with me ,
but, never only one can bring my heart
come back ;( im so sorry guy's

the little girl who was crying never stoped since yesterday until now ;(
*budak gembeng .gembeng pada hal mcm nie.

*p/s:saya na awak tapi saya ta boleh ;(saya ta bule tgk muka awak
sbb saya tkt saya akan mngs lagi;(
saya ta bule lupakan awak sbb saya sygkan awak.awak adalah cinta sjati saya;(
tp saya tpksa lupakan awak sbb awak da ad owg len dan awak lbhkan dy dari saya;(

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