Saturday, February 19, 2011

oke . u see the top picture ?aha let's talk about this handsome boy.*handsome ke? HHAAHA yoo
just call him ayip . i think his older than me but haha wrong . his 16years old . haha young ha (:oke im old 17.gashh . so, strting i know him first , i saw him in cs . well mcm biasa la kan . i ta tw pulak ayip ny kawan nan kawan2 i jgk so strt dr situ laa i knl nan dy . haha about attitude?haha oke.his very noty boy,kind errr==' and sensitive guy . haha i dont know why i say like that ?hihi but his the best friend in the world.

p/s:ayip,dont frget me when u be a sucess people.i always remember u.
thank you ayip to be my good good friend.


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