Thursday, March 10, 2011

hi baby (:
hey u guys . seriusly im very-2 tired . my schedule is getting full . oke today is thusday , so olahraga was starting today . im getting nervous and waiting 21/22march . that date , im going the olahraga . huhh u guys , first time msk acara 3000m . huhh==' im going to die can i ? in monday plak uh . ishhh . training ta ckop and my leg ?ta baik lg . i getting not comfortable . eeuuwwww . hmmm oke my result examination is top 7 . HAAHA ta heran la pon . hmm so, i dont know what to say . todlezzzz

p/s: to women, selamat hari wanita sedunia (:

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